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How does it work?

We are an online, membership based wine club. You sign up to join the Collectors Club of your choice here. We process payment 2x/year, in the fall and spring. We send you wine 2x/year, usually within 2-4 weeks of processing your payment. We ask that you remain a club member for at least 1 year (2 shipments) so you can fully experience our exquisite wines and benefits.

When am I charged?

You will be processed for your first club order within 24 hours of signing up. After your first club order, you will be charged automatically in the spring and fall. You will receive an email about one week in advance of processing so you can make address or credit card changes in your account. All cancellation requests must be sent to in advance of processing. Once your club order has been processed it is not eligible for refund or cancellation.

So is the price on the site for one shipment or two?

One. The price on the site is per shipment.

How much is shipping?

Shipping varies by state and will be calculated at checkout. We generally ship ground (most cost effective for you!) unless we are shipping June-September, when the weather is too hot to utilize ground shipping. During those months, we will utilize 2nd or next day air.
*Please note that if you choose 2nd day air at checkout, your wine will not be delivered in 2 days. The order is processed on the next business day from the day you placed your order, and is picked up by UPS the following business day.

If you sign up for the Collector’s club during the summer, unless you notify us otherwise, we will process your Spring allocation of BC Cabernet Sauvignon and your order may be held until temperatures cool in the Fall. Alternatively, we can ship immediately utilizing our UPS Next Day Air Summer Solution special rates. These rates are at an additional charge. If your order is placed on a weather hold, you will be contacted with more information about expedited options..

We kindly request that all Collectors sign up for UPS MyChoice to track and make adjustments to their deliveries.

What are the benefits of joining the membership and being part of the community of Collectors?

There are so many! In addition to being part of an incredible group, and receiving epic wine twice a year, we reserve access to our family of wines for Collectors club only. That means as a Collector, you have the ability to log into your account at any time and order more wine! (in multiples of 3, and as long as we’re not sold out). Plus, you receive a discount of over 30% on our new XO Sparkling Rosé, and you’ll be the first to know about exciting XOBC news! However, the absolute, most amazing part?... You’ll be doing good, while drinking great wine! Your membership directly benefits the Looking Out Foundation.

Are there any discounts?

So glad you asked! Yes! As a member of our community of Collectors, not only can you log into your account at any time and order more wine, but you also have access to our XO Sparkling Rosé, Proud Sparkling Rosé, Crowded Table Wine, and Lonely Painter Pinot Gris at a deep discount. These wines are made available to Collectors with at least 33% savings. Your Collector discount will automatically apply at check-out (just be sure you're logged into your account first).

Do you have a tasting room?

At this point, we do not have a tasting room. We do host Collectors club events on a regular basis!

Can you ship to my state?

We can ship to all states in the United States EXCEPT Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah and West Virginia. *In Alabama, we need to ship to an ABC store near you. Contact us when becoming a member and we will arrange for you.

Why can’t you ship to my state?

Liquor Laws prohibit us from sending to some states. Licensure prohibits us from shipping to others. The Crystal Collector Club includes our non-alcoholic Misfit Mist, which can be shipped anywhere!

But I want to join!

Thank you for your support! We often find a workaround by sending to a friend or family member in a nearby state. Or become a Crystal Collector - we can ship our non-alcoholic Misfit Mist to any state!

Do you ship to Canada?

No. We’re sorry.

Do you ship to the UK or any other European countries?

No. Again, we’re so sorry.

I’d like to try the wine first.

If you like good wine, trust me, you should just join.

We do have a few bottles for sale at The Thief in Walla Walla, and Catherine is on the menu at The Carlile Room in Seattle. *Covid19 has definitely affected both of these establishments, so please call first to see if they are open. Go to our Trade Resources page for a list of additional retail locations where you can find a limited selection of our wines!

I can’t swing the Collector’s Club. Can I still purchase your wines?

Absolutely! You can buy our XO Sparkling Rosé, Proud Sparkling Rosé, Crowded Table Wine, or Lonely Painter Pinot Gris here!

Can I buy a single bottle?

For the most convenient and cost-effective (for you!) shipping methods, we have a minimum of 3 bottles on any of our wines.

How much wine do you make?

We're a boutique winery with very limited fruit sources. As a result, our wines sell out very quickly, so don't hesitate to sign-up as a Collector to secure your allotments!

What is Brandi’s favorite?

BC is really enjoying the Catherine Syrah right now.  She likes to pair it with grilled salmon, garden fresh vegetables from the Carlile compound, and a campfire.

How do I cancel my Collector membership?

All cancellation requests must be sent to in advance of processing. Once your club order has been processed it is not eligible for refund or cancellation. We may be able to provide alternative options instead of full cancellation, please inquire!


Anything else, we’re always happy to help.

You can reach us by sending an email to

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